about us

Card Care Connection is dedicated to providing supportive and motivational cards to those who are suffering from cancer. Receiving a caring card with an uplifting message of hope and encouragement can make a real difference to those who feel lonely and discouraged. The program is designed to help people cope with their illness, especially those with limited support systems and coping abilities. The majority of the cards will go directly to those who have no immediate family members.
The diagnosis of a life threatening disease such as cancer can be incredibly frightening. Treatments are often harsh, placing tremendous demands on both the body and spirit. The physical burden is very real, but the emotional struggle can be equally challenging. Finding the emotional strength to persevere or simply finding peace of mind can seem out of reach at times. Words of comfort and support can help to ease the mental burden of this disease and provide inspiration at a much needed time.

Card Care Connection is devoted to enriching the lives of those affected by cancer by providing caring cards and hopeful messages to those who are fighting cancer.

Thank you for the beautiful cards donated by Arts & Crafts group at Oak Hill Presbyterian Church!