Fall Card Challenge

Welcome back card crafters!  We want to thank you for all the hard work you put into our last challenge – we received a number of beautiful cards for our program.   We have collected a total of 2,000 cards which is very exciting!
The seasons are changing; days are getting shorter, and the weather is growing colder.  This is a time of year that can sometimes make a person feel even more isolated either from the changing weather or from memories of lost loved ones as the holiday season draws near. 
With this in mind, we would like to invite you to create seasonal cards.  Seasonal cards include fall and winter themes and colors, but please refrain from decorating for specific holidays.  Our cards go out to individuals who have different beliefs and celebrate holidays in different ways.  Providing cards to individuals facing cancer in these coming cold months will provide a warmth and comfort that they may need.
Our inspiration for this challenge comes from a few beautiful cards we received from our crafters, shown below.  The buttons, fall colors, and embellishments makes these cards extra special.  Feel free to use these as a guide or to come up with your own pattern.  We are excited to see the different ways you can create a card for the seasons!   Good luck and we look forward to it!  Keep an eye out for our next newsletter in your inbox!  If you aren’t signed up for the mailing list, sign up here: http://cardcareconnection.com/Newsletter.aspx 

Thanks to Lisa L., First Presbyterian Church of Dearborn, and Diamond Lake Lutheran Church for these donations.