National Handwriting Day

Have you heard of National Handwriting Day on January 23rd?  When we heard about it, we realized we couldn’t let it go unrecognized.  National Handwriting Day, in honor of John Hancock (famous for his large, fancy signature on the Declaration of Independence), was established to encourage people to reconnect with putting pen to paper and relating to others through the written word.  Card Care Connection places great emphasis on the power of a handwritten message, so we felt we had to acknowledge this day.  We also wanted to take this day to recognize our volunteer card writers, Judy, Jan, and Judy of Fenton, Missouri, to thank them for the work they do in writing personalized messages for the recipients. 
We believe there is a powerful connection between the handcrafting that goes into making a card and the handwritten messages inside.  The cards we send are more impactful when it is clear that time was spent both on the creation of the card and on the personal message inside.  While we ask the cards you send us are still blank inside, we hope that you will consider recognizing this day in some way.  Here are some ways you might celebrate:
·         Submit referrals to  our program so people struggling with cancer can receive a handwritten note from us!  We are always looking for more people to send cards to so that our program can reach as many people as possible.  If you don’t know anyone who could use a handwritten card, tell people about our program who might know potential recipients.
·         Craft cards with calligraphy.  Perhaps you could use a stamp with a scroll design or images of quills or pens.
·         Write a personal note to a friend or loved one.
We hope you enjoy this day.  Let’s do our part to keep handwritten cards in style.  Keep an eye out for our next blog post, coming soon!
                                         Thank you For Keep Sakes for this beautiful card!