Holiday Postage Challenge

Happy Holidays!  Regardless of what holiday you may celebrate, it is a time of year for sharing and giving to others.  In the spirit of gift-giving, we encourage you to consider sending in a financial donation or a book of stamps to help cover the cost of postage expenses.  Bundles of Cheer program costs approximately $13 to send a care package to each recipient.  Postage costs add up quickly for our program and we anticipate a large number of cards and care packages to be sent this holiday season.  Every contribution helps!

Donations can be send to:
Card Care Connection
112 Saddlehorn Court
Fenton, MO 63026

*we invite you to visit our donation page.  Thank you and happy holidays!

Cards for Children

September is National Childhood Cancer Awareness month, meant to recognize the thousands of children who are diagnosed with cancer each year. For September, we are challenging you to send us children’s themed cards.

Our Executive Director works as a pediatric oncology social worker and sees the smiles that a bright, cheery card can give to a child facing lengthy hospital stays and treatments. She sees the impact that cards have on the patients’ families, too, by providing a sense of community for their child. In addition, we have been receiving many referrals for children for their birthday. We look forward to being able to send beautiful cards to children all across the country that could use a smile and thoughtful card. 
Thank you Diane C. for this creation!

Buttons and Brads

Our current card challenge is focused on buttons and brads. These circles often symbolize continuity and peace.  Circles can be a very calming shape since they avoid harsh lines and angles.  Recipients of cards are going through a very stressful time, which can be a detriment to a person’s healing.  Circle themed cards (especially with the crafty addition) accompanied with handwritten messages may help to provide comfort.  Also, we love the addition of a 3-D touch.  We continue to be amazed with the endless possibilities card making offers.  Thank you for your donations!  
Thank you Laurie's Line Up!  for this creation

Masculine cards

In honor of Father’s Day, we are requesting masculine cards.  We recognize that it is easier to make bright color pretty cards that are more fit for a female, but we get a lot of card requests for males.  So, what kind of masculine themed cards can you create?  We hope this will exercise your crafting mind in a different way to come up with designs and combinations that are more fit for a male.

The possibilities are endless!  One way to start might be with changing colors to more masculine tones.  You can also use different images like boats, sports, or nature.
Thank you Diamond Lake Lutheran Church! 

Flower Challenge

Happy spring card crafters!  As the weather is getting warmer and flowers are in bloom, we thought this month’s challenge should be focused on flowers.  Flowers are our most received card design and our most requested.

We get flowers in many different forms: stamps, paper, embellishments, buttons, and more.  What are some clever ways you can create flowers out of your supplies?

Thank you all for all that you do!  We look forward to our monthly blog posts, because you all continue to impress us with such beautiful and creative cards.
Thank you Diamond Lake Lutheran Church for this Card!

April showers

Happy Spring!  We are welcoming this weather with open arms after a long winter season.  We want to help bring the spring weather to all our recipients who are unable to go outside and enjoy the warm weather.  This month our challenge is to collect "April Showers" cards.  This can include anything that reminds you of April shower weather (umbrellas, rain boots, clouds, or rainbows).  We look forward to seeing your creativity.
Thank you Chi Omega Alumni group for this creation

Valentine's Theme

Thank you to all of our loyal blog followers as well as those of you who are new to our blog challenges!  In the spirit of Valentine's month, this February we are looking for cards that incorporate the colors red and/or pink.  We love our color theme challenges as you all bring us such exciting and unique designs.  As our Bundles of Cheer program continues to grow, we hope to incorporate these cards with many of our packages to be distributed to cancer patients across the country.
Thank you Carla F. (IL) for your contribution