Holiday Postage Challenge

We are delighted to have new people discovering our organization and for the generous support of our devoted followers!

While Card Care connection is nondenominational, we recognize that the holiday season is near. Regardless of what holiday you may celebrate, it is a time of year for giving to others and sharing love. In the spirit of gift-giving, we encourage you to consider sending in a donation or book of stamps to help cover the cost of postage. Particularly with the launch of our new Bundles of Cheer program, we welcome and appreciate your assistance as it costs approximately $10 to send our packages to recipients. Postage adds up quickly for our programs and we anticipate a large number of cards and care packages to be sent this holiday season. Every contribution helps!

Donations can be sent to:
Card Care Connection
112 Saddlehorn Court
Fenton, MO 63026

We continue to welcome any and all card submissions this month even though our challenge is for postage. We hope you are staying up to date with Card Care Connection, and invite you to visit our donation page. Thank you for all of your support and happy holidays!