Ribbon Challenge

Crafting a handmade card takes time, thought, and love.  The work you put into each card is a gift to the recipients, and your care and concern shows when they get a beautiful card.  Our card recipients cherish your cards.  Thank you for the beautiful gifts you continue to send us every month! 
This month, we are asking for cards with ribbon, to symbolize the gift that each card is.  For those of you who have never incorporated ribbon before, don’t be intimidated!  Here are some tips for adding ribbons to your cards:

·       A simple way to add ribbon is to glue a piece ribbon along an edge of the card.

·       Use craft adhesive tape to secure the ribbon on the card.

·       If you are using layers, you can tuck and glue the edges of the ribbon around the underside of the layer to hide it.

·       Cut ribbons on the diagonal to reduce fraying.

·       To add a ribbon bow, punch two small holes side by side and tie the ribbon through the holes.  You could also tie a ribbon in a knot around a straight piece of ribbon. 

As a guideline for creative use of ribbon in cards, here is a picture of wonderful cards we have received from Ellen G. and Jacqueline C. that can inspire creativity.